Advise on Value-added tax

The German national value-added tax law is based on legal prescriptions by the European Union. This is also valid for the value-added tax law of the other member states. Nevertheless, a great number of particularities have to be considered in the taxation of sales in Germany and in the individual member states. Moreover, there are the regulations of third states as well as current decisions made by the different courts (tax courts, “Bundesfinanzhof”, EuGH). This means, for enterprises involved in international business, that a great number of national and international regulations have to be observed.

In our daily work we are experiencing that the regulations in connection with value-added tax become more an more comprehensive and complicated. Many enterprises run considerable financial risks if corresponding prescriptions are neglected.

This is why we are offering to you comprehensive services in the filed of value-added tax advise in order to avoid finanical risks and minimize the administrative burden.

Our services:

  • assessment of individual facts and circumstances in connection with value-added tax (national/international)
  • VAT registration
  • attendance of special VAT audits
  • extra-judicial and judicial appeals
  • optimal tax configuraton of services triggering VAT
  • introduction of the VAT refund proceedings
  • optimization of pre-tax deduction, e.g. in the context of VAT option
  • targeted training of our clients`employees