International tax law

In view of the increasing internationalization of private and economic activities many tax payers are often confronted with the question what the tax and legal consequences resulting from transnational activities are, and how these activities can be arranged in an optimal way considering the general framework of tax and legal aspects.

In the field of international tax arrangement we are advising in any transnational questions – either in case of activities from abroad into the inland, or vice versa.

Our advising service also considers the national tax law in the respective country, as well as transnational measures. In many countries, we can rely on the assistance of skilled and independent lawyers, Tax Advisers and Public Auditors, if required.

Our services

  • Attendance of transnational transactions (e. g. financing)
  • International tax optimization (e. g. international tax planning, development of clearing price concepts, international sending of personnel)
  • Preparation of documentations on clearing prices
  • Taxation of commercial units and selection of legal form
  • Advice in questions of the foreign transaction tax law and of the double taxation agreement
  • Dislocation of office and management
  • Move to and from abroad