Tax form advice

In the field of tax form advice, our focus is on the development of future-oriented tax form strategies for enterprises and wealthy private clients.

We advise enterprises regarding any special business operations such as, for example, development and optimization of enterprise structures, realization of enterprise re-organizations or the current optimization of the tax quota.

Our services:

  • Advice regarding development and optimization of enterprise structures
  • Tax-neutral or tax-optimized realization of enterprise and group re-organizations (e. g. merger, splitting, change of legal form, contributions, accretion)
  • Realization of special tax measures (e. g. use of loss carry-forwards, optimization of tax burdens in cases of dividend payments)
  • Tax burden analyses and comparisons
  • Preparation of enterprise succession or disposal
  • Establishing of accounting, of business reporting and controlling tools and of the business and process course organization
  • Selection of legal form
  • Business and fiscal optimization of financing

The support for our private clients comprises the current tax planning and the individual fiscal optimization, designed to meet with the client’s personal requirements.